Where can I Buy Red Devil Lye?


Red Devil lye has been discontinued on the market due to its implication to its use in methadone illegal labs, and health risks. Amazon and eBay may still be offering the product through private suppliers that still have some in stock.
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Red Devil lye is a brand of lye that was popular with soapmakers. It was removed from retail stores because lye (sodium hydroxide) is very corrosive and can cause severe chemical burns. Just the same, lye is still available from online retailers, chemical cleaner wholesalers, and some home improvement stores (sold as a drain cleaner). You can find out more information here: www.ask.com
Red Devil lye was pulled from the market, much like freon and over-the-counter pseudo ephedrine, because it has been used to manufacture methamphetamine. It can be found on the largest auction site as well as other smaller sites. You can find more info at: www.millersoap.com
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