Where Can I Buy Rose Water?


You can buy rose water from Price Dumper, Lake Land, Naturally Thinking, Aromantic Store and at The Cook Shop. Rose Water has been used as a flavour for centuries and it brings the most deliciously delicate floral notes to many foods.
2 Additional Answers
Rose water has many uses but isn't always easy to find. Given that it's a common ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking, finding it at a store that specializes in international foods may be easiest. If no such store is available, many chain grocery stores have an international section where you may find the rose water. It may also be available at health food or natural food stores such as Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. If none of these stores are located in your area, you can always buy rose water online. Be sure to check the ingredients as some rose water is sold to be used on the skin rather than for cooking.
Rose water is used in many recipies to give a subtle flavoring. It is most often used in Middle Eastern, Indian, North African, and Asian foods. You can easily make your own, or it is available to purchase from many online retailers. You can find more information at www.theperfectpantry.com
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