Where can I Buy RU 486?


RU 486 is the generic name of the drug Mifepristone and causes the body to self-abort a fetus. The drug can be purchased through a clinic or certain doctor's offices. It can also be purchased online without a prescription. You can find more information here: www.ru486.com
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It's potential for inducing abortions was discovered in 1980 by Étienne-Émile Baulieu, a researcher at the Roussel Uclaf of France (the "RU" in RU-486) while
1. Consult your doctor about using RU486. Although it's generally safer than a surgical abortion, there are some risks with RU486, so it's important that your doctor examines you
(är'yū fôr'ā-tē-sĭks', fōr'-) n. An oral drug that can terminate pregnancy by interfering with the action of progesterone and preventing the attachment
RU-486 is the name commonly used for an artificial steroid that blocks progesterone, a hormone needed
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You can buy RU 486 at many online pharmacies. You have to be careful about choosing an online pharmacy that is regulated by the government. Some of these pharmacies include earlyoptionpill. You can find more information here: buyru486.com
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