Where can I buy the strongest flea treatment online?


Stronghold kills fleas, worms and other parasites affecting dogs and cats. It comes as a pale, watery liquid supplied in a small plastic capsule. The contents of a capsule are tipped onto the back of the neck once a month for effective parasite control. The drug is then absorbed through the skin and is effective for about 1 month. Capsules of different sizes are available to treat the varying bodyweights of dogs and cats.
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July 2010: Veterinarians and pet owners agree Advantage for Dogs is a highly effective topical flea-control treatment, which is... Read More »
Doesn't require a prescription
, Kills adult fleas within 12 hours
, Kills flea larvae
Doesn't kill flea eggs or ticks
, Pets and children are exposed to insecticide
, Messier than oral medications
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