Where can I buy Zippo lighter fluid?


Most of your local stores will carry the Zippo brand lighter fluid you are looking to buy, including your local department stores like Walmart and Target, as well as your drug stores and grocers.
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You can buy Zippo Lighter Fluid online or at special tobacco stores.
Walmart Target C V S krogers walgreens they all have it behind the counter.
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Well, if you're in San Francisco then go to Chinatown There are plenty of places that sell Zippo's, and i got mine $10 CHEAPER than the on line price. Also, plenty of smoke shops
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Zippo lighter fluid can be purchased at supermarkets, drug stores, or large discount retailers such as Walmart, Target or Kmart. Zippo lighters use naptha, so just looked for a bottle that says naptha. Do not buy butane, which is used in pressurized lighters and not Zippo lighters.
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