Where Can I Find Aphids?


Aphids are lice that can commonly be found on plants. Aphids are also considered a parasite. You can find aphids on the roots, leaves, and stems of plants. You may need a magnifying glass to find them.
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1. Find plants with aphid infestations. Particularly prone to aphid attacks are roses, fruit trees and soft vegetables such as lettuce. You could also ask the gardener. 2. Examine
you can find aphids under leaves ,mainly on roses.
Grow, wormwood, peppers, elderberry & sprouts - they're usually covered every year.
Take a look at this latest USFS infestation map for hemlock wooly aphid as presented at the latest THIRD SYMPOSIUM ON HEMLOCK WOOLLY ADELGID IN THE EASTERN UNITED STATES. Insect infestations
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