Christmas Trivia?


Christmas is time to bound with you family and have fun. One of the fun activities a person can do is Christmas trivia. Visit the following website for Christmas trivia;
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1. Search the Scriptures first for items of Bible trivia. You may find computerized Bibles or online Bible sites the easiest way to search for specific information. Consult
There are a wide variety of online sites which offer free access to a wealth of Christmas trivia questions. Examples of such sites include the web domains "XmasFun" and
True or False: Joseph was the one that told Mary she was going to have a baby.
1. Use the Internet! Lots of people post their favourite carols on their blogs. Ad. 2. Ask your friends! Lots of them will know good carols that they sing every year and you might
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Thursday, December 25, 2014
Christmas is a mid-winter festival observed as the birth date of Jesus Christ. Many people celebrate the season with gift-giving, tree decorating, and Santa Claus.
You may be able to find Christmas trivia in books at a local library or bookstore. There are also sites online with Christmas trivia.
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