Where Can I Find Free Kittens?


You can find free kittens locally from a shelter centre or rescue groups. You may also want to look out for pet ads in the local newspaper, you could find adverts for free kittens for adoption. You can also get a free kitten online from sites like kittenlist.
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1. Ask your neighbors if they know of any available litters of kittens. Going local gives you the chance to get to know your area and lets you make a big difference in a little kitten's
I'll put a link below so you can go to a kittens for free website. sometimes the link wont show cause my friends tryed it but hope it works.
1. LOOK IN A SHELTER. Not a pet "store" Pet stores are well known to get their kittens from Kitty Mills. These kittens are often in poor health and the pet store is not
1. Open 411.com website in a browser. 2. Insert the first and last name of the person along with city or ZIP code under "Find People. 3. Click the "Find" button to
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Check the classified ads in your local newspapers, there are usually plenty of free kittens listed there. Another good place is the local Humane Society or Animal Shelter.
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