Where can I get a loan if I have bad credit?


You can get a loan with bad credit, if you can find a suitable guarantor, if you in full time employed or if your salary paid into the bank these are main factors the loan provider to think whether they can lend loan for you.
4 Additional Answers
Loan application for people with bad credit records seems difficult. However, there are specialist lenders who provide a solution in the form of loans for people with bad credit, for example yes loans.
Bad credit is sometimes a sign of poor financial management but some organization still offer loans to people with bad credit. This organizations include moneysupermarket.com, breadmarket.co.uk and bettercredit.co.uk.
There are very many lenders who offer special designed loans for people with adverse credit histories, which will all depend on your requirements and/or circumstances. These lenders include ADM loans, Better Credit, Tesco loans and U switch loans.
There are specialist money lenders who provide loans for bad credit ratings. When you apply for the loan, your employment status and age will be taken into account before any application can be processed.
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