Where can i get grillz?


You can actually order premade or custom grillz online. You would have to make the purchase, go to the dentist to have your teeth mold done, and then mail the mold to the company you are purchasing the grillz from. You can also look for a custom grill maker in your area.
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How to Make Grillz
What are Grillz? The metal-mouth creations known as 'grillz' are really a trend adaptation of gold crowns or fillings. Clubbers and other hipsters are making their own "fake gold teeth", sometimes a whole mouthful of them, out of foil or other handy... More »
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You can get grillz at a custom grill maker if there is one in your area. If not, You can order them online. You would have to go to a local dentist to have a mouth imprint done and it ship it to the company you're ordering from.
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1. Measure the width of your smile by holding up a piece of aluminum foil to it. Cut the aluminum foil to the appropriate width, with the the thickness being approximately double
Grillz are mouthpieces that are covered in diamonds, or bling. Thanks for using ChaCha!
go on paul wall grilz.
1 Gather your materials. Ad 2 Cut foil into desired shape. 3 Place in mouth and press down all over your teeth.
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