Where can I get my dog's ears cropped?


You can not get your dog's ears cropped in the UK as cropping is restricted and can only be done by a vet on a number of working dog breeds only. Cropped ears are said to be easier to clean, are less prone to infections and generally tend to stay drier. On the contrary, cropping a dog's ears is not a necessary operation and it causes a lot of pain to the dog.
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Where can I get my dogs ears cropped? If you were going to get any kind of plastic surgery, where would you go? A doctor or would you ask a neighbor? Then if you are going to do something like cropping a dogs ears, you need to go to a Veterinarian. This is a surgical procedure and not a do it your self procedure. You can find more information here: http://hubpages.com/hub/Stylizing-Your-Dog
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Pit Bull ear cropping is done to align the dog's look to the desired breed look by its owner. It is done within the 12th week of a dog's age. This is more of a ...
Originally, cropping a dog's ears was something done for safety. Dogs were used for primarily for work purposes, so having long tails or ears could be ...
According to Pet MD, veterinarians prescribe anti-parasitic medication to treat ear mite infestations in dogs. Ear washes, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications ...
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