Where Can I Get My Navel Pierced?


One can get their navel pierced at a place that does a lot of piercings and that only employs piercers with piercing licenses. Such a place should be registered by the Association of Professional Piercers which is a professional organization of piercers. It would take 4 months to 1 year to heal and the cost is inclusive of the jewellery used.
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Any piercing shop in your local area will do navel piercings. You should research the shops beforehand, you want to make sure the business is professional and everything is sterilized.
You can get your naval pierced at a piercing or tattoo parlor. Make sure that you go to a licensed piercer who obeyed health regulations. Otherwise you are exposing yourself to diseases and infections.
If you are wanting to get your navel pierced, you can get it pierced at a place that does tattoos as well. Most places that do tattoos also do piercings in the same shop.
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The easiest way to get your bellybutton pierced is to go to a tattoo shop and have them pierce it for you. If you do it yourself you can mess up and have problems. It is a painful
1. Use an eye patch to cover your navel piercing while it is healing to protect it from friction against your clothing. These eye patches are sold at most pharmacies and grocery stories
its getting the skin above or below your belly button pierced.
1. Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and wear disposable gloves. 2. If you have a topical numbing cream rub that on and around the navel. Do not use an ice cube,
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Aftercare of a navel piercing. Avoid any fragrances, moisturisers or perfumes on the area and only use the special solution given to you by the piercing studio ...
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There are many people that like to get their navel pierced. As with any other type of piercing, there is always a risk of the navel getting infected after it has ...
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