Where can I purchase a human hamster ball?


The large, plastic, spherical-shaped balls known as the human hamster ball can be purchased at various wholesale shops and retailers. This inflatable activity ball is more commonly found at entertainment attractions in malls and adventure ride parks.

The modern human hamster ball was developed by two friends, Andrew Akers and Dwayne van der Sluis, who wanted to create a large ball that allowed a person to float on water. To achieve this, they designed a ball within a ball, which they named the Zorb. The final version holds one or two people that are strapped inside the ball. The Zorb ball rolls on a flat or sloped surface and performs well on land or water.

In order to ensure the safety of riders, Akers and van der Sluis began franchising their human hamster ball to operators that were properly trained. This led to the Zorbing craze, which inspired numerous imitators.

There are several styles of human hamster ball available for riding and purchasing. Many alternative designs feature a single plastic sphere without straps. These may have a zip opening as opposed to the round entrance on the Zorb.

While these inflatable human hamster balls are a lot of fun, it is important to use them in safe environments.

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