Where can I purchase Pampered Chef products?


As of 2014, Pampered Chef products may be purchased directly from a consultant or through The Pampered Chef's website. Limited amounts of Pampered Chef items are also available for purchase through Amazon.com and Ebay.com.

The Pampered Chef develops multi-purpose, high-quality kitchen tools, provides expert cooking tips, and creates simple recipes that encourage family meals and fit busy lifestyles. Products and ideas are shared through in-home Cooking Shows, commonly referred to as "Pampered Chef parties." The Pampered Chef states that guests at these parties enjoy seeing and trying products, sampling recipes, and learning quick and easy food preparation techniques.

Hosting a Pampered Chef Cooking Show is an opportunity to bring friends and family together, while receiving free and discounted products as a reward. The Pampered Chef states that finding a consultant is the first step in hosting a Cooking Show. The consultant helps the host choose a date, compile a guest list, and send out invitations. The host is responsible for choosing a recipe to prepare at the Cooking Show and providing the ingredients. On the day of the party, the consultant comes to the host's home and leads the Cooking Show. At the end of the show, guests have the opportunity to purchase Pampered Chef products.

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