Where Can I Rent a Projector?


Some of the known places from where you can a projector include: Projector Point, Proscreens, Platinum Projections, Hire Intelligence, Edinburgh Projector Hire (EPH) and Just Projectors. These places hire a variety of devices including screens.
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1. Go to your local library. Some libraries have movie projectors for rent that can be checked out in the same way that books are, except that the renter must provide more of a guarantee
One can rent a projector from ATS Rentals. Another place to rent a projector is Rentex. Rentex is known for their rentals of computer and audio visual needs.
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Where Can I Rent a Projector?
Even in today's era of big TVs, nothing beats the sheer size of the image that a projector can cast on a screen. Many people don't have the space or inclination to make the necessary changes to their living space in order to accommodate a projector.... More »
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You can rent a projector at many office supply stores. You can find office rental supply stores in your local Yellow Pages. You can also find rental projectors in your local newspaper.
I could tell you to search the web but the shipping costs will kill you on renting a projector. Your best bet on where you can rent a projector will be found in your telephone book under office supplies and/or rentals. Another category would be audio visual rentals. Not knowing your location that would be the best option I can give you.
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