Where Can I Search for Songs Using Partial Lyrics?


On the website http://lyricserver.com/, you can search for lyrics whether partial or full by writing any lyric in a song. There are also lists of musicians who you can choose from and get the lyrics.
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1. Open the Audacity program. Click "File" and choose "Open" to choose your audio source. 2. Split the audio into two different tracks by clicking the name of
Also, because they hear the song and want to use its lyrics to look up the title/artist. Embed Quote
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1. Enter SongClue. Go to SongClue.com. This is website designed just for this purpose. Ad. 2. Give it a clue. Type in any part of the lyrics, song name, or singer's name you know
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To find a song with partial lyrics, you can go online and just type in the lyrics that you know and it will return with results of possible songs. To check out ...
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