Where can I sell gemstones?


Used gemstones can be sold in second-hand jewellery stores, where they may have to be restored to attract new buyers. Freeman Bennett Jewellers offer such kind of services at considerably competitive prices as compared with high street jewellery stores.
3 Additional Answers
You can sell gem stones online on some auction sites, on other classified sites like Craigslist, at gem shows, at craft shows, or be a vendor at certain events like state fairs, and county fairs.
You can sell gemstones almost everywhere. You can sell it through the internet or have a store in the mall or in the market. You may also sell to your friends as well.
You can sell gemstones to a gemologist or to a jewelry dealer. You can also sell at a craft show or even flea markets have a great turn out. People are always looking for gemstones to make jewelry.
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