Where can I sell my fine china dinnerware?


You can sell your fine china ware at sites such as: found value and china and dinnerware. The older the China ware, the higher the price it will fetch with pieces from the 1600's and 1700's fetching the highest prices at online auctions.
2 Additional Answers
Besides the obvious sites like eBay and Amazon to sell your fine china dinnerware, try advertising in Craigslist and local and national newspapers. Garage and estate sales are other avenues to pursue for the sale of the dinnerware. Another idea is the utilization of consignment shops. These shops will sell your dinnerware for a small percentage profit and usually have a good amount of weekly traffic. This helps to ensure the likely hood of an eventual sale.
There are a number of places one can sell their fine china dinnerware. Once you have done your research and established the value of the set, you could sell it at an auction, or a web-based auction, a local classified buy and sell paper, on-line classifieds, an antique shop that accepts items on consignment or perhaps even a garage sale. There are dealers that buy and sell such items on a large scale as well.
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