Where can I Sell my Gemstones?


There are several reputable places on the internet where you can sell your gemstones. You can also sell them at most local jewelers. You should shop around and see what price you are offered from several places before you sell. Just remember you won't get the full retail value as the jeweler needs to make money from selling the gemstone. You can also try selling on eBay or Craig's list. I would have the stones appraised by a jeweler to show that they are genuine and worth what you are asking. You can find more info at: www.sell-my-diamonds.com
2 Additional Answers
You can sell your gemstones at many gem and craft fairs and some flea markets. You can also sell them online at websites like icollectgems and hardassets.
If you would like to try and sell your gemstones, you can take them to a jewelry place. You can also take them to a pawn shop if you would like but you will get a lower price for them there.
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