Where can I sell my old VHS tapes?


There is a significant market for used VHS tapes on Amazon, eBay and through other resellers who specialize in outmoded entertainment platforms. VHS tapes of movies or events that have not been released in any other format are likely to sell better than those that are commonplace. It is important when trying to resell old VHS tapes to focus on the quality of the item rather than on the content it contains.

Since not all movies, TV shows or other entertainment have been released in more current formats, there is a thriving market for VHS tapes of hard-to-find items. The first step in trying to sell old VHS tapes is to sort out the movies that are in demand and those that have already been released in more current formats. Searching through Amazon and eBay provides a great deal of information about which VHS tapes are in demand.

When posting a listing for a VHS tape on Amazon or eBay, it is important to focus on the actual physical condition of the VHS tape, including its box. Sellers must be absolutely honest about the condition, including information on how many times the VHS tape has been played and how well it plays. If the tape was a rental and has been played many times, that should be included in the listing, since unlike digital media, VHS degrades a bit with each play.

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