Where Can I Sell My PS2?


You can sell a play station game by placing an advertisement on an internet website dealing in the sale of used product. In addition, one can sell their play station games at any electronics shops that deal with games and other electronic materials.
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1. Take them to a used game store such as Play and Trade or Gamestop. These stores specialize in buying and reselling used games and will rarely reject buying your game as long as
amazon has it for $41.
Sellvideogames.com gives you an instant quote for what they'll pay you for
Olx ou Bom Negócio, não compensa muito vender console no Mercado Livre. Eu vendi o meu no Bom Negócio por 200,00.
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You can sell your PS2 online at an auction site (like eBay) or you could visit a local computer store that has a trade in program. I know GameStop has one where you get a store credit for used games/consoles.
You can sell your PS2 (PlayStation 2) online at eBay. You can also trade it in for a store credit at GameStop. Check with other local gaming stores, they might have a similar program.
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The price that you can get when you sell your PS2 on Gamestop varies according to its condition and specifications. New ones with high specs are worth more. Older ...
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