Where Can I Sell My Puppies?


You can sell your puppies at the following stores: preloved, in your area now, pets 4 homes and puppy planet. While some of these websites may host your sale advertisements for free, others may require a subscription fee.
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1. Take your puppies to the veterinarian. They need to get their first shots to start them on the path to good health. 2. Decide on a price. Keep in mind that people will want an
Try the Humane Society or Pet-smart sells them every Saturday from 12-3.
1. Know how to describe your Shih Tzu. What color are they? Tell them the color you see. If it is a grayish looking color it could easily be blue so remember to be descriptive. How
PETCO located at 1201 E Washington Ave, Yakima, WA 98903 Phone 509-248-2585
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You can sell your puppies by putting an ad in your local newspaper. You can also visit a pet shop and get permission to put a 'Puppies for Sale' sign on their bulletin board.
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