Where Can I Sell My VHS Tapes?


You could try and contact local music or video stores and ask if they would want any VHS tapes. Another way to advertise for the sale of the VHS tapes is by setting up an account on eBay and offer your VHS tapes for sale.
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Used VHS tapes can be sold at a local music or video store as there are some websites which buy or sell online such as eBay and amazon.VHS cassette tapes played a major part in the launch of the video revolution, making movies available for home consumption on a wide scale but have now been upstaged by CDs, VCD and DVDs.
You can sell your Vhs tapes online through the music stores by visiting their websites for instance, iTunes, at payloadz, eBay, rhapsody and MSN music. You do so by uploading your music in the Vhs tapes and sales will become much easier.
There are various ways through which you can sell your old and used VHS tapes. You can contact your local video stores and inquire if they would be interested or you can load them up on websites such as priceminister.
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