Where can I sell Precious Moments figurines?


There are numerous places that one could sell Precious Moments figurines. There is a very healthy market for Precious Moments products on Ebay. Additionally, you could consider selling them locally or posting your figurines on a site like CraigsList, or perhaps by placing an advertisement in the newspaper for your area. Alternatively, you could try renting a table at a flea market to sell your figurines. Some collectors can be found online, and if you have an antiques shop or oddities shop within your region, they may purchase them from you as well.
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Precious Moments figurines are porcelain depictions of teardrop-eyed children that are highly collectible. Precious Moments art was first introduced in the 1970s ...
Precious Moments figurines really took off in the eighties, and have remained popular. When drawing these cuties, pay special attention to the teardrop eyes, ...
2-Clicks Collectibles has a price guide for Precious Moments figurines. The site explains that items made before 1981 are more valuable. It goes on to say that ...
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