How can I sign up for MSN Messenger?


You can sign into the Msn messenger by going into the msn homepage and following the instructions as given. Msn messenger is an instant messaging client created by Microsoft that is currently designed to work with other windows applications.
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1. Sign into Windows Live Messenger using the desktop software program. Click the "Start" menu, locate Windows Live Messenger within your list of programs and click its
If a person wishes to download the online MSN Messenger then they may download this program directly from the MSN website. MSN is an online website that offers many interesting things
Sometimes that happens to my msn. You might just need to wait a bit until it starts to work again. Mine normally sais it's something to do with the keyports. the firewall might have
hey i had this problem alot too . i still do some times. is it when this tool bar called troubleshoot pops up . if that happens just click on troubleshoot and it will find out the
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In early 2013, Microsoft is ending its Messenger service and is encouraging users to merge their Messenger accounts into new or existing Skype accounts. More>>
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