Where Can You Plant a Corkscrew Willow Tree?


A corkscrew willow tree should be planted in areas with full sun and good soil. However, the plant can easily adapt to poor soil conditions and shaded areas. The fruits of this plant are poisonous when ingested.
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You may plant a new tree as close as 3 feet to a removed tree stump. Keep in mind that existing underground roots limit the new tree's root system and reduce the amount of nutrients
Runescape garden patches. But you can also plant marker plants everywhere.
I planted a willow in my garden years ago. They really do look fantastic but they need a lot of water. DO NOT plant them anywhere near the house. Their root systems are extensive
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Where Can You Plant a Corkscrew Willow Tree?
The corkscrew willow tree is an interesting landscaping addition due to its contorted branches and curly leaves. It is not an especially hardy tree, however, so should be placed with care.... More »
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