Where Can You Plant a Corkscrew Willow Tree?


A corkscrew willow tree should be planted in areas with full sun and good soil. However, the plant can easily adapt to poor soil conditions and shaded areas. The fruits of this plant are poisonous when ingested.
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The corkscrew willow can be identified by its twisted, contorted branches and long curly leaves. Typically it grows to between 25 and 35 feet high. The corkscrew willow can be grown
Girl.all u have to do is just getting a cutting of one and bury it in the yard. I have grown 5 this way and they are brilliant. They can withstand drought and moisture!
willows are fast growing and short lived, respectively to trees.I checked in Dirr's 'Manual of Woody Landscape Plants' and it says "the tree is short lived"so, I'm guessing
Without a description it would be hard to ID which caterpillar insect this maybe. But all can be controlled with the use of an insecticide. Here are some names of insecticides that
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Where Can You Plant a Corkscrew Willow Tree?
The corkscrew willow tree is an interesting landscaping addition due to its contorted branches and curly leaves. It is not an especially hardy tree, however, so should be placed with care.... More »
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