Where was 50 Cent shot?


50 Cent was shot 9 times in front of his grandmother’s house in Queens on May 24, 2000 and he was hospitalised for 13 days. He called Columbia Records but they didn’t know what to do because he was expected to do a video with Beyonce.
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in his hand, face, and legs.
50 cent was shot 9 times.4 hit him in the back, 3in the foot and in his hand and the 9th
He says he was shot in the hand, arm, hip, both legs, chest, and left cheek. Police reports say he was only shot 3 times, but they don't specify where exactly.
you have no idea do you.... its like you think this is cool, because he is a rapper, you have no idea how many people are shot everyday in the projects because of drug related activity
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According to Curtis Jackson a.k.a 50cent he was shot nine times but according to official police reports and hospital records it is said he was shot three times including one 9mm bullet to the face.
50 Cent was raised by a drug peddling mother and actually witnessed the assassination of his mother due to drug related issues and the story behind 50 Cent’s shooting is that it was also drug related as he is rumoured to have been involved in the sale of crack during the time of his shooting. He has been stabbed numerous times and been in jail severally.
50 Cent was shot 9 times including a bullet in the face that left him with a distinctive scar. The negative publicity that accompanied his getting shot resulted in him getting dropped by his then record company Columbia records.
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