Where Did Albert Einstein Live?


Albert Einstein was born in Germany, at the age of 14 he moved to Italy. He moved back to Germany years later.
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Albert Einstein was born in Germany. He then lived in Switzerland and Italy before moving to New Jersey in the United States, where he later died. Look here for more information:
He lived in a house in Germany
Albert Einstein was born in Württemberg, Germany, then moved to Munich. Later he
Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on Mar. 14, 1879, family moved from Ulm to Munich when Einstein was an infant, in 1894, the family moved to Milan, Italy-more?
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Albert Einstein
Birthplace: Ulm, Germany
Raised: in Munich, later moving Italy, and then to Switzerland before settling permanently in the United States
Thanks to his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein became the most famous scientist of the 20th century. In 1905, while working in a Swiss patent office, Einstein published a paper proposing a "special theory of relativity," a groundbreaking n... More>>
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Eistein was born in Ulm, Germany, but he lived all over the world. He lived in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and the United States. He died in Princeton, New Jersy.
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Albert Einstein was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. He lived in the city of Munich in Germany until he was 15 years old. From there he lived in ...
Albert Einstein studied mostly mathematics, and physics. He excelled in both, but managed to fail his entrance exam to Eidgenossische Polytechnische Schule. ...
Albert Einstein wore dress pants and sweaters or sweater vests. One quirky aspect of his look was that he never wore socks even to formal gatherings. Albert wore ...
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