How Did Christmas Start?


Christmas or Christ's Mass, the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, began in European and Middle Eastern Christendom in the 4th Century. It was a pagan holiday celebrated by Roman pagans but was later changed into a Christian holiday by the Christian leaders.
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Christmas has origins in ancient festivals celebrating the Winter Solstice, and has been celebrated as the nativity of Jesus Christ since around 300 AD.
Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of baby Jesus. Ever since he was born in Bethlehem, we honor his birth. When the Magi visited the baby, Jesus, for the first time, they brought him gifts. That is why we give gifts to others on Christmas day.
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Christmas actually started thousands of years before the birth of Christ. For thousands of years people during the winter solstice people cut ever green trees and decorated them with
Ever wonder how did Christmas start? Many people think that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus on December 25. Further research reveals that there is no date or year for the
Christmas cactus is aptly named because it blooms just in time for the holiday season, although older plants may keep an erratic blooming schedule. Starting a new Christmas cactus
Christmas is a mid-winter festival observed as the birth date of Jesus Christ. Many people celebrate the season with gift-giving, tree decorating, and Santa Claus.
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Lump of Coal Tradition Theory: It started in Holland. When a child was bad they got a lump of coal, but if they were good they got a small toy, cookies or candy. ...
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