Where Did Comets That Are Now in the Oort Cloud Originally Form?


The comets that are now in the Oort cloud originally came from the leftovers of the formation of the solar system. These leftovers are not capable of agglomerating and forming a planet. As a result, they remained as pieces of ice in the outer solar system.
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They were formed in the outer solar system that
The Oort Cloud is a region of debris that was left over from the formation of the solar system. The current theory is that the objects in the Oort Cloud originally started to form
Gravitational interactions between passing objects always has the potential to disturb the orbits of the two bodies involved, but I'm unaware of any research indicating that objects
It is too early to guess. At this stage we would like to say that a prima facie case can be made for it to have come from above rather than below... The density profile with height
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