Where Did Feeling My Oats Come from?


Many times people wonder where a certain expression has come from. For example the expression feeling your oats. This comes from a term used to describe a horse. Often after a horse has eaten a lot of its oats it will become lively, wild and energized, the horse is then said to be feeling his oats.
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Acient Eygypt is yet where there asummed to have originated.
The first example I have is from 1986, used on campus. The OED offers an example from 1985 and suggests that it originates in sport, where a player apologizes for a mistake.
Tiny red worms swimming freely in your pool water are most likely to be bloodworms. These little bugs are actually midge fly larvae, and only occur if the conditions are right for
This is a horse racing term used to decribe the energy received from a bucket of oats given to a race horse before the race on that day. The oats act like a high fiber, carbohydrate
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