Where Did French Fries Get Their Name?


French fries got their name from the Belgians. The Belgians used to fry up thin strips of potatoes in the Meuse Valley that was located between the Dinant and the Liège. They later nicknamed them 'French Fries'.
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While most people crave the taste of deep-fried french fries from time to time, fries can be quite unhealthy, especially if you don't know what type of oil is used to fry them. Break
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Frenching has many meanings, but for the purpose of this question it is the technique of cutting something into long strips rather than a description of where fries originate. In
cut up and deep fry potatoes.
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The name French Fries is a shortened version of french-fried potatoes. French-frying is a cooking technique, and does not refer to the national origin of the food, which is originally from Belgium.
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