Where Did Fruit Tarts Originate?


Fruit tarts originated from pies. They were another way of serving fruits that were being used in pies. Pie making goes back as far as Roman times. Fruit tart recipes are included in 16th century cookbooks.
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How to Make a Fruit Tart. This fruit tart is an elegant dessert you can make at home with our tart crust recipe (see related eHow) Or you can take a shortcut and use a premade tart
Wel this is a really old question, the Romans used a fig and wheat pastry dish, to eat as a sweet, they made bread, and put figs and other fruit on it, the bread was flat, and over
Bananas and mangoes are sweet. Limes and lemons are tart.
1. Prepare all the ingredients. You will need a pie crust fruit glaze and fruits of any kind. You can buy them from all kinds of stores mostly grocery stores. you can go to a farming
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