Where did horses originate from?


Horses are believed to have originated from North America. Horses in North America soon became extinct and the remaining species of horses were found living in central Asia. Horses were hunted for their meaty and skin by the Indo-Europeans.
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The oldest roots in the religion can be taced back to East Africa in the Nation of Ethiopia. It is the collage of many cultures meeting in this Area.
It depends on which type of horse you're talking about.
Horses are descended from Eohippus, very small primitive horses from the Lower
Archaeologists believe the people of the Nabta Playa region of southern Egypt were eating wild sorghum by 8,000 B.C. Various African tribes cultivated sorghum between 7,000 and 5,000
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Based on evolution, the modern horse originated from a small dog or fox like animal. Over millions of years, this creature evolved into the form of the modern horse we know today.
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