Where Did Layne Staley Live?


At the time of his death in 2002, Layne Staley lived in Seattle, USA. He was the lead vocalist of the rock band Alice in Chains. Layne battled with a drug addiction, which later killed him; whereby, his body was discovered four days after he had passed away.
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Layne Staley, the lead singer for the group Alice in Chains, was never buried. He was cremated, this decision was made by his mother. Layne Staley died of a self-induced drug overdose
i for got but here name was stephiane. Correction: Layne Staley was not married but he and his long time girlfriend Demri Parrott were engaged but she died before they could get married
I haven't been able to find the apartment number, it was blacked out on the police report and on his social securty info. I can't think of any other resource to search for this...
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Layne Staley died after a drug overdose. In his lifetime, the music star had a long battle with drug addiction which send him to rehab on several occasions. Staley ...
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