Where Did Medieval Knights Live?


Medieval knights lived in manor houses and manorial farming estates near the main part of the Lord’s home. A knight was a young man who pledged to serve his liege or king in a military service in exchange of loot from battles his own estate or a position in the king’s court.
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Knights mostly lived in manor houses on manorial farming estates. Knights, during most of the Middle Ages, were heavy cavalry. They needed to have armor and heavy horses. They were
Medieval knights would have lived in castles, forts, or manors. A knight was simply a man that could afford to keep a horse and was trained for military combat. Knights were not necessarily
I think it all depends. Some knights were royalty, so they lived in towers, castles, and expensive houses. Some came from hovels wherever they could live.
Clothing was an important part of the knight's overall suit, given that the armor would heat up in the sun and burn the knight without the insulation provided by the clothing. The
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Medieval knights lived in manor houses, which were based manorial farms. The life of an ordinary knight was centred mainly around the castle, where his duty was to protect the king at all times, especially during times of war.
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