Where do monks live?


Monks live in monasteries, which are mainly found in Europe, the U.K. and Asia. Monks are usually Christian, Buddhist and Hindu men.

The word monastery comes from the Greek term monos, which means alone. Monks withdraw from society and form communities devoted to religious practice. Monks usually spend a lot of time in prayer, and some orders or groups of monks are involved with the local population and provide medical or teaching services.

Monasteries are buildings where monks live and work, and most also include a chapel, church or temple. Their size ranges from one small building, housing a couple of monks, to large complexes occupied by tens or hundreds of monks. Some Buddhist monasteries are built in complex cave systems.

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Most monks live in monasteries. Some Buddhist monks live in city areas, in rooms, or temples. Some live in small huts called kuti that are built on monasteries grounds.
1: The monks live in monasteries. Answer 2: I sometimes wonder why questioners, here, ask questions about monks and friars as if they were something of the past. They exist, today
Although it would take too long to go through all the theories here, there is a very nice forum thread about it here, where you can read to your Monk-loving heart's content: http:
a little village on the north west coast of gaul(France)
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