Where Did My Name Come from?


Every name comes from a different place depending on your ancestry. To find this out you can use various name meaning websites which can help you know the origin of your name. Sites such as Behind the Name offer you the history and etymology of your name.
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"Verizon" is a mashup of "veritas" (truth) and "horizon". It is meant to invoke mental images of the wide open aether, reliability, honesty, and openness
Spanish form of Basque. Agirre. a topographic name from Basque. ager. agir. 'open space' 'pasture' This is found as the first element of several place names, reflected in surnames
A lot of them came from Greek mythology. For instance, Io is the name of a naiad who was a priestess of Hera, but her beauty attracted Zeus and he made love to her. Zeus covered them
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According to Nameberry, the name "Jack" means "God is gracious." The name, usually given to boys, comes from Latin. It is one of the most popular ...
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