Where did the sagging pants trend start?


Sagging pants started in prisons. Some people believe they were an advertisement for a sexual relationship. Some people believe that they simply were ill-fitting clothing and became a style among young men outside of the prison to show that they had been in prison.
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Saggy pants originally started in prison since inmates did not always have clothing that fit them. Clothes were often to big for the individual causing them to sag.
Sagging is thought to have begun in US Prisons where prison dudes would sagg their pants so that other prison dudes would tell that there gay and want to do things to each other!
A style popularized in the early 1990s by hip-hop artists, are
Sagging the pants is said to have had its start in prisons, where inmates are not allowed to wear belts and frequently have ill-fitting pants.
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The craze of sagging pants actually originated in prison. Since no belts are allowed in prison pants sag. This evolved in the prisons to be a sign for a inmate looking for a butch. In the 1990's this trend of sagging pants was made more popular by various Hip Hop artist.
This research has confirmed what i have told my family for years. Sagging pants started in prison. Unfortunately is was adopted by the hip hop culture making it cool to wearing degrading clothing. You can find more information here: www.snopes.com
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The sagging pants trend originated in prisons. Inmates in prison were not allowed to wear belts as they could use them for violence. Thus, their pants had a sagging ...
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