Where did Sir Isaac Newton spend most of his life?


Sir Isaac Newton lived in England his entire life. He was born and raised in Lincolnshire, where he attended primary school, and thereafter spent much of his professional career living in Cambridge.

For much of his childhood, Newton was raised by his grandmother, after his mother left to live with her second husband. Late in his childhood, his mother returned, but she impeded his studies by trying to convince him to become a farmer. An uncle helped stoke the fire of Newton's mind and helped him enroll at Cambridge.

Although he didn't particularly excel during his initial training, Newton later developed groundbreaking theories on an array of topics from optics to inertia to gravity.

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Sir Isaac Newton did a lot of his work in different places. Some was completed in Trinity College in Cambridge, and a lot was completed in his own home in Woolsthorpe.
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Newton was a lifetime resident of England. He studied and later was a professor of Mathematics at Cambridge. In 1696 Newton left Cambridge and took charge of the British Mint in London
Sir Isaac Newton was born at Woolsthorpe in
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