Where did the Arabic language originate?


The Arabic language originated among nomadic desert tribes living on the Arabian Peninsula, according to the Arabic Language website. A member of the Semitic language family, Arabic is related to numerous languages, including Hebrew and Amharic.

Originally a provincial language, Arabic came to dominate the Middle East and North Africa after the rise of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad spoke Arabic, and the language of the Quran, the holy book of Islam, is Arabic. Because Muslims view this book as the true word of Allah, or God, they were required to learn Arabic to understand their religion completely. Arabic was also useful politically, helping people conquered through invasion by Arabic-speaking Muslims prosper under the new regime. Classical Arabic, sometimes called "Fusha," remains in use as the language of formal communication, while a number of regional dialects of spoken Arabic persist in daily communication.

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The Arabic language comes from the Arabic people of the Middle East.
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