Where Did the Irish Jig Originate?


The Irish jig originated from the Druids. The Druids did some circular religious dances in honour of the sun and the oak tree. The dance has however had some influence from other peoples and changed over the years.
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1. Put your weight on your left foot. Place your right foot out in front of you. Point the toes of your right foot. 2. Hop once on your left foot while you raise your right foot.
1 Stand with your shoulders back and down. No Irish dancer is ever caught slouching. Your head should be held high and proud. Ad 2 Cross your feet. You'll be in a position similar
The jig was not, in its origins, particularly Irish. The English jig existed: in Shakespeare's time the audience expected an on-stage jig at the end of a play - yes, even a tragedy.
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A jig dance is a type of folk dance that originated in the 16th century in England. Today the dance is associated with the Irish dance and the Scottish country ...
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