Where did the phrase "sleep tight" come from?


According to the Phrase Finder, the phrase "sleep tight" probably originated in the late 19th century, although its exact origin is unclear. It is most likely that the phrase's meaning is derived from an antiquated meaning of the word "tight," which used to mean "well" or "soundly."

However, another suggestion is that it originates from the days when mattresses used ropes for support, and thus required "tightening" in order to provide a sturdy, comfortable bed. The allusion to bed bugs appears to be a matter of fun rhyming, as sleeping soundly does not prevent bedbugs from feeding on the host.

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Some think before the advent of modern mattresses, ropes were spread
During the 16th century people used to sleep on the floor on straw filled mattresses but as time went on the mattresses were tied to frames secured by ropes. These were tightened
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The word 'tight' in the expression 'sleep tight' is an old usage of the word 'tightly', meaning 'soundly, properly, well, or effectively'.
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