Where do the Smurfs live?


The Smurfs live deep in the forest in Smurf Village, a community of homes constructed out of mushrooms. More than 100 Smurfs live within Smurf Village.

Pierre Culliford, a Belgian comic artist, is the inventor of the Smurf characters. Papa Smurf is the 542-year-old Smurf that oversees the rest of the Smurf community. Other notable smurfs include Smurfette, one of the only three female Smurfs in the village; Lazy Smurf, who easily falls asleep during the day or night and Reporter Smurf, who carries a notepad and quill around to document the news-worthy events that occur in or near Smurf Village.

Q&A Related to "Where do the Smurfs live?"
All the viewers are told is that the Smurfs live inside Smurf Villa...
in Smurf Village somewhere in the woods
They live in forest.
The Smurfs were reported to live in Smurf Village, a heavily wooded area. Ask us anything! We're here!
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