Where Did Will Smith Go to School?


Will Smith was generally raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he attended Overbrook High School. He was nicknamed 'Prince' because he could sweet talk his way out of any trouble.
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Even though his family was Baptist, Will Smith attended a Catholic school called Overbrook High School.
Joe Smith (Born 7/26/1975) is a 6 ft. 10 in. 230 lbs Forward-Center who wears
Franklin Regional High School. I knew him from both college and high school.
Truman went to Noland and Columbia grade schools in Independence, MO and graduated from Independence High School ( now called William Chrisman High School ) in 1901. He attended Kansas
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Will Smith attended college at Ohio State.
The actor Will Smith was born in West Philadelphia. He attended Overbrook High School in the section of Philly called the Overbrook. He also went to Julia Reynolds Masterman laboratory and Demonstration School before he started rapping.
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