Where Do Ants Go in the Winter?


During winter, ants go into hibernation. They hibernate in relatively warm places such as under the bark of trees and soil. They eat large amounts of food in autumn so as to put on fat which allows them to go without food throughout the winter.
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Most ants hibernate in the winter. Usually in their nests but sometimes in the bark of a tree or underneath rocks. They don't even eat! There is one type of ant ( Messor aciculartus
When it become cold outside in late fall, the ants move deep into the nest looking for
1. Find the nest by following the trail of ants to any cracks in the walls or the ceiling. Avoid sealing off these areas until after they have been treated. The most effective way
deeper underground. that's what they were doing so busy all summer, they were loading up on food to put in their 'pantry' underground. then they make the living quarters a lot deeper
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In the winter, ants hibernate in relatively warm areas, like underground or under tree bark. They eat as much as possible in the fall so that they can go all winter without food.
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