Where Do Ants Live?


Ants live on the ground or on the soil surface. They live in colonies; where you spot a small mound of dirt on the ground. One main characteristic of ants is their ability to leave pheromone trails to be followed by other ants.
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The acrobat ant, or Crematogaster, is a black to dark brown or red and black species of ant that is usually identified by the heart-shaped abdomen. The ant workers move about with
most ants live about 90 days but havester ants about 2-6 months Embed Quote
i believe they live in ant-hills.
i have no clue help me !
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Ants are fascinating insects. They live in colonies under the ground. Look on the ground and when you see a small mound of dirt with a hole in the middle, chances are this is an ant hill. You can find more information here: http://students.estrellamountain.edu/drakuna/studentfrontpageprojects/AnetteKelly/new_page_4.htm
Ants can be found all over the United States and almost every other continent. They don't like Antarctica, though. Most often times, ants form colonies and live in the ground. Carpenter ants however, reside in wood. Other types of ants may have nests on trees. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ant#Nest_construction
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Ants live underground in communities called colonies. Ants may be little bugs, but they are very industrious and very well organized in their colonies. ...
Average ants live for only about two months, except for the fertile females who live for nearly a full year. Queen ants can live for several years while the workers ...
The lifespan of an ant depends on its function within the colony. Workers can live up to a year, but usually die within a few months. Fertile male ants die after ...
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