Where Do Ants Live?


Ants live on the ground or on the soil surface. They live in colonies; where you spot a small mound of dirt on the ground. One main characteristic of ants is their ability to leave pheromone trails to be followed by other ants.
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Ants are fascinating insects. They live in colonies under the ground. Look on the ground and when you see a small mound of dirt with a hole in the middle, chances are this is an ant hill. You can find more information here: http://students.estrellamountain.edu/drakuna/studentfrontpageprojects/AnetteKelly/new_page_4.htm
Ants can be found all over the United States and almost every other continent. They don't like Antarctica, though. Most often times, ants form colonies and live in the ground. Carpenter ants however, reside in wood. Other types of ants may have nests on trees. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ant#Nest_construction
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Ants live underground in colonies. Their colonies are made up of a system of underground tunnels. Each colony is made up of about 100 ants.
1. Determine what type of ants you'd like to keep, and prepare your ant habitat. You can either use a pre-purchased ant farm, or set up your own. Make your habitat as close to what
most ants live about 90 days but havester ants about 2-6 months Embed Quote
i believe they live in ant-hills.
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