Where Do Apes Live?


Apes live in the dense forests, lowland swamps and marshes of central Africa. All apes are usually vegetarians though chimpanzees, orangutans and eat some animal protein. They also founding living in Asia in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.
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Mostly in zoos and in the African rain forest. They live in the jungles of Africa and Asia.
Slugs live on my tomatoes, no seriously, they love to live in moist environments like basements, under stones or near a drippy faucet. Look here for more information:
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Monkeys live in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Apes only live in Africa and Asia. They need lots of trees if forests to live. They can climb trees and sometimes can swim.
Apes like to live where it is warm and safe for them to eat, travel and able to build nests to sleep. They can find such areas in the Tropical Rain forest, and the Savannas.
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