Where Do Asteroids Come from?


Asteroids are a group of small bodies made up of rock and metal, which revolve around the sun, mainly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. They are grouped into four sets; main belt, Trojans, scattered disc, and the Kuiper belt. The largest asteroid, Ceres, is only about 750 kilometres' in diameter.
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In 1802, shortly after discovering Pallas, Heinrich Olbers. suggested to. William Herschel. that Ceres and Pallas were. fragments of a much larger planet. that once occupied the Mars-Jupiter
Asteroids formed from small pieces of rock and metal just like the rest of
Mostly from the 'Asteroid belt" an 'empty orbit' in the series of. otherwise occupied harmonically balanced planetary orbits in our solar system. between the orbits of Mars and
Comets are bodies made of rock, dust and ice that orbit the sun within our solar system. They range in size from just a hundred meters to several kilometers across. What separates
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Asteroids are said to be a product of the 'Big Bang' that happened millions of years ago. They're all fragments of other planets that exploded and broke apart. You can find more information here: http://www.universetoday.com/guide-to-space/asteroids/where-do-asteroids-come-from/
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