Where Do Badgers Live?


Badgers live in burrows. They are capable of digging into the most hardened soil, sometimes even in search of prey. They live in a solitary existence, spending time together only during mating or when the babies are still dependent upon their mothers.
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Badgers live in grasslands, pastures, and fields. They are typically found in high meadows and mountains. They can be seen across the Great Plains, Canada, and Mexico. Look here for
They live in America, Europe and Asia and found near the woods They live in setts, sorta like a small underground cave that they dig out.
Badgers live mainly in sparsely inhabited open land and in the United States are usually found
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Badgers live in the grasslands and forests of North America, Eurasia and Africa.
they dig out and live in a maze of underground tunnels and chambers called a sett
Badgers are omnivorous animals and their diet consists small mammals such as mice, lizards, birds, fish, fruits, cereals and roots of plants.
Badges live under the ground. They make whole tunnel systems there. They can be found in America (mostly in Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma), Europe (mostly UK), Asia, Japan etc.
Badgers live in the United States in open, underpopulated areas. They live in small family groups. While baggers don't hibernate, they may sleep for a few nights in a row during the winter months.
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